True Learning Success! - Educational Support for Students with Learning Differences
Welcome!                  Paula Meleis, M.Ed.
True Learning Success! provides one-on-one tutoring support for students in grades K-12
with learning differences such as dyslexia,  ADD/ADHD, language-based learning disabilities, and students who may benefit from one-on-one, individualized support due to NVLD/ASD. 

I use a diagnostic, strategy-based and multi-sensory approach based on sound educational research and my more than fifteen years of experience as an educator.

My goal is to provide your child with personalized support which takes into account his/her specific strengths, learning needs, and goals. I believe that all children are capable of amazing things, and that the key to unlocking each child's potential is to instill confidence by creating a safe, supportive and dynamic learning environment!

Specific tutoring services include:

*Reading Instruction in decoding, comprehension and fluency based on Orton-Gillingham- a highly structured, phonemic-based and multi-sensory program, ideal for students with dyslexia and other language-based learning disabilities.

*Explicit Organization and Study Skills strategies provide students with successful tools for executive functioning such as: time management, following directions, test preparation and memory strategies.

*Multi-sensory, sequential math instruction using hands-on activities to introduce and solidify concepts, from basic number sense and elementary math through Algebra I and II and geometry. 

*Effective instruction in written expression: from forming letters to writing sentences, from five-sentence paragraphs to research papers and essays, I will provide graphic organizers, editing support, and explicit instruction that will build your child's skills and confidence as a writer.

IEP/504 support:

I can tailor my sessions with your child to specifically address components of his/her IEP/504, when applicable. I am also happy to communicate with your child's teachers so that I may preview and review relevant school material during sessions, and target specific learning challenges that are coming up in the classroom.

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